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4 Simple Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your SEO

Produce fresh, useful content that appeals to customers and prospects.

With 2019 well under way, now is a great time to review your SEO practices and plan to take some new steps in the right direction when it comes to content marketing.

New, fresh content continues to remain a top priority when it comes to ranking well on the search engines. Google, in fact, rewards pages that display expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

Content Marketing Tip 1

One of the best ways to create such content on a regular basis is to add a blog to your website. Posting a new piece each month that provides useful, actionable information is a great way to rank well on Google and demonstrate your expertise to site visitors.

Content Marketing Tip 2

When you’ve got something truly newsworthy to share, a well-written, optimized press release is another great content marketing tactic. Distributing your press release through an online service will help to ensure your site gets some relevant, high-quality backlinks, which still play an important role in search engine algorithms.

Content Marketing Tip 3

And fresh content isn’t limited to just the written word. Videos, in particular, are useful in several different ways. For one thing, Google frequently ranks videos high on the first page of its search results, so an informative video gives you another chance to show up on the first page of search results. Plus, posting your videos on YouTube gives you another way to get a valuable backlink to your website.

Images provide similar advantages. When posted to a photo-sharing site like Flickr, they also provide additional backlinking opportunities for your website.

Content Marketing Tip 4

Combining the written word and images, slideshows posted to a site like SlideShare.net offer a great two-fer: another way to rank well on the search engines, plus additional high-quality backlinks to your website. You can find good slideshow topics by repurposing a blog post or a presentation given at a trade show.

Regardless of the format, the goal of content marketing is the same: produce fresh, useful content that appeals to customers and prospects. If the piece is well executed and well optimized, it will appeal to the search engines too.

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