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B2B SEO Done Right – Linking Ranks #1

Quality content and links are the focus of everything we do for our clients.

Moz, a Seattle-based SEO tools provider, has released its biannual report on search engine ranking factors, and the results aren’t surprising.

The top three SEO factors cited by Internet marketing professionals from across the country are:

#1 -- The number and quality of links across an entire website

#2 -- The number and quality of links to specific pages on that site

#3 -- The quality of the content and optimization techniques on those individual pages

Of course, that might be surprising news to some site owners and SEO professionals who still believe that out-of-date tactics like keyword stuffing or even the amount of money spent on Google Adwords has a major effect on search engine rankings.

But we here at Pilot Fish weren’t surprised for two simple reasons:

  • Quality content and links are the focus of everything we do for our clients.
  • And those techniques work – our clients’ websites perform well on the search engines and consistently generate good leads and new business for our clients.

According to Moz, this is the most in-depth study they’ve done, incorporating feedback from 150 SEO professionals as well as additional data from three other major tools providers.

It’s gratifying to Pilot Fish to get third-party confirmation of what we see everyday – that we provide the right SEO to help our clients succeed. But it must be just as reassuring to our clients to see verification that they partnered with an Internet marketing company that knows what it’s doing.

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