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Google Algorithm Change Shakes Things Up

Keep focused on great content.
- Google

Google routinely adjust its algorithm a couple times a week to no fanfare, but an update that rolled out in early November caught the attention of SEOs and website owners.

Some websites saw their traffic drop 30-50%. Some of our own clients were slightly affected, and we’ve already initiated activities to get them back on track.

In response to questions from SEOs, Google confirmed that an update had occurred but gave no indication of what website owners could do to combat the change, beyond its usual advice to provide “great content”:

When questioned about what makes great content, Google more often than not directs people to review its Quality Rating Guidelines. The document provides guidance for the hundreds of people Google tasks with checking to make sure it returns the best results possible for any given search. The guidelines are meant as a check on search result quality and, as such, don’t explain the basis for Google’s ranking algorithm. But Google maintains the guide provides a good outline for what constitutes great content.

The guidelines place a special emphasis on Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness otherwise known as E-A-T (“PQ” stands for page quality; “MC” stands for main content):

E-A-T also is explicitly called out in the guideline’s definition of high quality pages:

Establishing a high level of E-A-T can be complicated, but there are a few ways to develop a solid E-A-T foundation. For one thing, it’s important to have a home page and About Us page that clearly lay out your company’s expertise. A page outlining your main team members and their own expertise can also be useful. External links from  high-quality websites within your industry are believed to play an important role, as well.

In the new world of E-A-T, it’s important to keep realistic expectations. For instance, if you supply spare parts for a specific type of equipment, it’s unrealistic to expect to rank well on terms related solely to the equipment. Google sees your company as an expert on the spare parts, not the equipment. It will rank your site accordingly, even if you have web pages devoted specifically to the equipment.

That may not make sense with how you do business, but it makes sense within Google’ E-A-T philosophy. And that’s the SEO world we live in today.

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