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Google video helps business owners get into the SEO game

When seeking a better website ranking on Google, it can seem that you and your SEO company are in a great battle with a giant monster, like David and Goliath. As the much smaller warrior in this scenario, your business is looking for whatever vulnerability or weakness can provide you an edge, so that your website is victorious in its quest for higher search engine rankings.

An SEO firm is the weapon you use, but rather than being a simple slingshot, it operates more like a Swiss army knife, capable of producing multiple tools to help you slay the beast.

So, why then, has Google posted a YouTube video on how to find a reputable SEO company?  Isn’t that like Goliath telling David, “Shoot me in the eye, right here!”

In reality, the quest for better SEO rankings is less like David and Goliath, and more like an athletic contest.

The game is SEO for the Google search engine, with the athletes being business owners seeking to win higher rankings and SEO firms acting as the referees. SEO companies and Google have a symbiotic relationship. Without Google, SEO firms wouldn’t exist, and without SEO firms, the Google search engine would have a hard time ranking the highest quality websites because there would be no one making sure businesses knew how to play the game and follow the rules.

It might seem counterintuitive for Google to help businesses use SEO to improve free organic listings when its financial model is based on selling advertising. But, Google understood a long time ago that the only way it could sell advertising would be if it had eyeballs to which its advertisers could sell. And, the content that Google decided to offer to get lots and lots of eyeballs was website rankings, with the goal of providing the best, most credible rankings among all search engines.

Back to the game of SEO. The contest to win higher rankings actually isn’t about beating Google (because everyone knows you can’t beat the game), but, rather to beat your competitors. And to beat your competitors for higher rankings, you’ll need an SEO firm to help you navigate the rules.

The 11-minute video from Google helps business owners identify a process for finding a good SEO company and sets expectations for SEO projects. Some key takeaways according to the company that invented the game:

  1. There are no quick magic tricks in SEO; successful SEO programs generally take between four months to a year to implement initiatives and to begin seeing results.
  2. SEO not only will help your site earn higher rankings; a good SEO firm also will take interest in improving your company’s interactions with customers online.
  3. A good SEO firm will ask questions about your business, competitors and other marketing efforts.
  4. For SEO success, the entire organization must be on board for the project, and businesses must make the time to implement the SEO firm’s ideas.

Learn more by viewing Google’s video, or contact Pilot Fish to start the process of playing the SEO game.


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