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Start 2018 Off Strong with Keyword & Competitor Research Designed to Boost Your Website's B2B SEO

If you’re looking to take full advantage of every business opportunity that 2018 presents, you’ll need a website up to the task.

With 2017 quickly rolling to a close, it’s a good time to look ahead and think about how to start your 2018 B2B SEO program on the right foot.

One of the best things you can do, both from an SEO perspective and a business perspective, is to perform a complete keyword and competitor analysis for your website.

Keyword & Competitor Research is foundational to any SEO project. It provides you the information you need to determine the best universe of keywords for which you should optimize your site and how much work in off-page SEO and content marketing you’ll need to overtake your competitors on Page 1 of Google.

If you haven’t taken a good look at your search terms or your online competitors for a few years, this is a great time to do so. Newer software tools that provide access to more detailed keyword research data and updated analysis of how Google ranks sites, can change your B2B SEO approach in a way that increases site traffic and leads.

For example, for years, the search term “body bags” was my favorite example of why keyword research is so important. It’s a term that came up several years ago when we did some SEO for a police supply company that distributed body bags and very confidently used only that term to describe that specific line of products.

But a thorough keyword research project showed that the search engines thought “body bags” were only a style of women’s purse; it turned out that “cadaver bags” was the term that the search engine recognized as describing the client’s product – and was the term that many of their potential customers used in searching for that product.

Our research at the time was solid: “cadaver bags” was the right term to use for that client’s SEO, despite the owner’s misconceptions. But fast forward four short years, and the search engines now recognize “body bags” as a synonym for “cadaver bags.” If that client was only optimizing its website for “cadaver bags” now, it would be missing out on prospective customers who search for “body bags.” Furthermore, “mortuary bags” is a term that people have started using in their searches for body/cadaver bags – another source of potential customers that the website owner would be missing now.

These sorts of fluctuations aren’t limited to police supply websites. Substitute “software” or “equipment” or whatever your product is for “body bags,” and your company is likely facing similar issues.

It doesn’t matter if your search terms were right at some point in the past. Using the wrong terms now is essentially the same as throwing a blanket over your website: Qualified prospects aren’t going to be able to find it. Using the right terms for today’s search engine users means you’ll be found by more prospects looking for the goods and services you provide. More prospects equal more sales, which equal a stronger bottom line.

Good B2B keyword research also entails looking beyond search terms and keywords to broader themes that you can build content around. Take the time to learn what information your target audience wants and provide that in carefully optimized, well-crafted content. Google rewards this approach, and your site visitors will, too.

Thorough keyword research is only one arrow in your 2018 B2B SEO quiver. To be completely prepared, you also need to research your competitors whose websites are performing better than yours on the search engines: Where are they getting backlinks to their site? What keywords are they targeting? What sort of website content are they using?

Well-executed competitor research offers useful insights into new SEO strategies you can try and affords you a clear understanding of the search environment for your industry, providing information on what effort is needed for your site to earn higher placement on the search engines.

If you’re looking to take full advantage of every business opportunity that 2018 presents, you’ll need a website up to the task, and your first step toward that goal is a thorough, carefully executed keyword and competitor research project.

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