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More B2B SEO Tips to Give Your Website a Competitive Edge

SEO is one of the most cost-effective tools in industrial marketing.

Our previous blog post outlined 7 B2B SEO tips for 2017, and we thought we’d take this week to provide some additional ideas on how your company can hone its search engine optimization to increase rankings, boost site traffic and increase qualified leads.

SEO is one of the most cost-effective tools in industrial marketing, and the following tips can help you get the best return possible on your internet marketing investment.

Be Friendly and Responsive

Google’s decision to give ranking priority to websites that show up well on mobile devices is a curse – and a blessing. Making sure your site is responsive and that it operates properly on all types of devices is just one more task added to the ever-growing list of demands for companies. But it also can be a great way to differentiate your website from your competitors’ and gain an edge over those companies that haven’t yet gone mobile-friendly with their websites.

If you’re going to make your company website responsive, take the extra time to view the site on a mobile phone and tablet to make sure it looks good and provides the information your site visitors want. Having a mobile-friendly site means nothing if the type is all too big, images are cropped wrong and people can’t find your product details or contact info.

Go Easy on Your Site Visitors

Along those same lines, site visitors also should be able to quickly find your content when they view the desktop version of your website. Simple, easy-to-understand navigation buttons placed where they can be easily seen can be the difference between gaining and losing a new customer.

Logically organized, well-developed content not only strengthens a company’s relationship with its site visitors but also improves the site’s chances of performing well on the search engines and, thereby, drawing additional qualified visitors to the site.

Expand Your Linking Efforts

According to a study by research expert Backlinko, there’s a direct correlation between the number of websites that link to you and how well your website ranks on search engines. Crucially, it’s not just the number of links that matters – the number of websites providing those links makes the difference.

The lesson here is that you shouldn’t keep going back to the same well for links. Do your homework and secure links from as many high-quality websites as possible. Links do matter in search engine rankings, and good linking makes the biggest difference of all.

Get Social

It can’t be said enough – social media isn’t just for vapid teens and the soccer moms who love them. Everyone, including buyers of industrial services and products, use social media in one form or another to stay informed of industry trends and even to find suppliers. Become a source of information for social media users: set up your accounts and post something whenever you’ve got a new blog post, press release or other development to share.

 It doesn’t require a huge investment of time, and it puts your company in one more place where prospects and Google can find you.

Go Local

This is important whether you service manufacturers only within your county or whether you sell equipment and components across the globe. Local business listings can directly affect search engine rankings and play an important role in how your business is found on line.

Local, social, linking, responsive. It can be a lot to manage, but your efforts will be more successful when you have the right B2B SEO partner.  Contact Pilot Fish for a free site analysis and the internet marketing help you need.

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