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Pilot Fish celebrates 25th anniversary of Internet marketing excellence

We were there at the forefront and continue to offer our clients SEO expertise derived from many years of practical experience.

My, how time flies when you’re having fun! Pilot Fish is celebrating 25 years in the Internet marketing industry, through our affiliated business Polysort.com, which was founded in 1995 as the first online portal for the plastics and rubber industry.

And, my, how things have changed over the last 25 years!  When we started Polysort.com, it was the Wild, Wild West back then, and we cut our teeth teaching plastics and rubber companies how to setup email accounts and build their first websites. 

Very few companies had websites in 1995, so helping plastics and rubber companies build their online presence became our primary business,which is just a part of our mission today.

With the launch of Google in 1998 and its subsequent growth, search engine optimization become a must-have for every industrial company's marketing toolkit. That's where Pilot Fish stepped in.  

As inquiries increased from non-polymer businesses and the need for SEO grew, Pilot Fish became our website development and SEO arm, providing Internet marketing services not only to plastics and rubber companies, but also to other industrial businesses in a variety of markets, including medical, packaging, woodworking, construction products, chemical, machinery and more.    

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SEO News: Google Mobile Algorithm Update coming in May, and More…

Sites that are not responsive (mobile friendly) will likely see a greater decline in mobile search rankings in spite of other SEO efforts.

Last Spring big news hit the SEO world of a mobile search algorithm update from Google tagged Mobilegeddon. We wrote about it here: “How Well Did Your Website Weather Google’s Stormy Spring?”

Well, Spring has sprung again, and we have new storms upon us. The mobile algorithm is expected to gain some strength come May. This means that sites that are not responsive (mobile friendly) will likely see a greater decline in mobile search rankings in spite of other SEO efforts.

So if you’re website hasn’t been updated to be mobile friendly, it may be time to start that project if you’re concerned about SEO performance. According to studies by comScore, desktop search queries peaked in 2013, and have been falling since as mobile use has climbed. A review of your site’s Google Analytics can help determine if your company should consider the move to responsive design to improve its mobile search results.

The landscape is changing too. Google continues to tweak how it displays paid ads and organic search results. Ads have been removed from the right-hand column of Google’s search results pages.  

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